Things have been busy for me with a recent 1,800-mile road trip in my Model S and on the work and home front. I’ll be posting about the road trip a bit in an upcoming post. Model 3 news continues and

Model 3 news continues and the first production Model 3 has been built. The delivery and reveal event is scheduled for the end of this month and we’re all looking forward to that event.

I’m still waiting on my Model 3 as it remains the most economical way to get to a Tesla with AWD and Autopilot. Some have opted for a used Model S and, while they’re getting AWD and AP1 in some cases, they’re not getting AP2. If the time comes where I can actually order the Model 3 and there are Model S’s with AP2 and AWD available on the used market for a similar price I may have to revisit the plan but, for now, I’m set on the Model 3.

AWD Model 3’s on the East Coast will take some┬átime to arrive (guessing Q1 2018) and in the meantime, the EVAnnex folks showed me a very cool Augmented Reality app that shows off the Tesla Model 3 and is very cool:

The instructions are pretty easy to follow. The AR effect is keyed off their logo, so you print out their logo and stick it on something (I used an old business card) and then you look through your phone at the logo and see the AR effect. Here’s a little AR model 3 sitting in front of my early deposit git (and next to my Meet Model X badge):

The full instructions are below and the app is free. The AR functionality is tied to their logo so there’s a measure of light advertising in that, but it’s a very cool experience and fun┬áto look at the Model 3 from multiple angles as the wait continues: